Hello, I’m Kate!

I believe a home should be lived in and loved. I have always found enjoyment in creating orderly spaces, and I’ve come to learn that creating organization from clutter is a journey, not necessarily a destination. Having help at the start and developing good systems on that journey is key–and that’s where I come in.

For nearly 20 years, I have supported families in the huge life transition of having babies and adjusting to new lifestyles. I have taken wisdom from this work, infused it into my passion for organization, and created a business to help folks feel more at peace in their home, more productive in their space, less burdened by having to go through grandma’s attic.

When I’m not organizing, you can usually find me in the garden planting green things, in the kitchen cooking up homemade bread or canning dandelion jelly, or in my jewelry studio creating lovely, wearable shiny things.  

Ready to get organized?

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