All the Ways to Feather Your Nest

Touch Base on Your Space | 1 hour: $65

I’ll tour your space and listen carefully to your needs and goals. When we’re done, I’ll write up my recommendations for what your space needs, and how I can help you. I’ll give you a roadmap for moving forward, as well as a solid timeframe.

The Zen Hen | 3 hours: $195

A few hours of organization can go a long way! This is a great package if you need a fresh way to approach a single room in your house, your office, or if you are welcoming a new baby and want to get all the organization and systems in place before they arrive. This package makes a great gift!


The Nest

5 hours: $275

Let’s dig in! In five hours, we can tackle a kitchen, clear out a basement, organize an office, or de-clutter that one room where you stick all the things because you don’t know where else to put them.


The Coop

10 hours: $550