Life is busy and chaotic, but your space doesn’t have to be.

Whether it’s your home, your office, or a one-time project, I can help you remove the burden of clutter so you can enjoy your nest. I’m Kate Stroud and I help families and business in the Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor area and beyond.

Renew the Coop

Organizing and decluttering can be overwhelming to think about. You maybe be feeling like you should be able to get everything in its place, and when it just doesn’t happen, it can be hard to ask for help.

I get it. And that’s why I’m here with compassionate, judgment-free organizing that meets you where you are. We’ll find the approach that’s right for you–whether you need help tidying up, organizing, or a wholescale clean-out of grandma’s attic.

I live with two dogs, one cat, four chickens, four rabbits, two kids, two adults, and a bunch of fish–all in 1,000 clean, organized, and happy square feet. I know that neat and orderly doesn’t have to mean pristine.

Let me help you get out from underneath the burden of clutter, and find grace in your space.


No attic is too ambitious, no basement is too burdensome. Find out which service is right for you.

Home & Living

Whether it’s a closet that needs arranging or a whole-scale basement cleanout, I can help you de-clutter and organize in the way that’s right for you.

Home Offices & Small Businesses

Streamline those files, tidy up that desk, shred those papers. Increase your productivity with my systems and hands-on help.

Life Changes

From having a baby to cleaning out grandma’s attic, I’ll help you go from feeling overwhelmed to organized and on top of things.

“Our home is a different place, thanks to Kate! She organized our closets, kitchen, and our daughter’s room, and it feels more functional and happy. I can’t recommend her enough!”

Amanda Smith

Email me so we can start tackling your project together. We’ll discuss your objectives and I’ll give you a plan you’ll love.